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Vow of Silence

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My internet service provider is currently incapable of providing reliable service to my entire neighborhood. It's getting worse and there are no other options in this area. That includes my phone since data requires wifi unless I take a 20-minute drive, one way. I may be unable to respond to personal messages or emails for some time.

I've given up.

You can license artwork through the automated system here without having to contact me and you can always purchase prints here, but I cannot provide the self-publishing/small press deals or quote meme packages at this time. Originals can be reserved at Etsy in the order I receive reservations, assuming at some point I can ever get back on the internet for more than 4 minutes at a stretch.

I have a pile of uploads waiting for uptime, but some of them have been waiting a month so I'm not optimistic they'll be posted here any time soon.

It's beyond my control but I still would like to apologize for the inconvenience to both newcomers and my regular clients. The internet has been down twice so far since I started typing this.... Three times now.

I choose to pretend this vow of silence is my choice so please wish me luck on the large, long-term project I took on offline in the meantime!